The first Reiki Share in a very long time happened last night.

6 attuned Reiki practioners gathered at the Columbus Insight Center under a full moon and experienced giving and receiving Reiki. The energy was magical and the healing amazing. :)

We will be scheduling more of these.

~Rev. Dawn

Sacred Flame Temple Clergy

Soon, I will have a webpage built specifically for the Sacred Flame Temple clergy. These 4 have participated in and graduated from the SFT clergy program, which is a year long study on subjects expected to be known by clergy of any denomination. They are official clergy for the state of Ohio and are all in good standing with SFT.

Wedding Scripts

The Wedding Scripts have been added back to the website. A couple of generic ones are there that I found on the internet…and actual ones that I designed for weddings and handfastings over the years.

Feel free to look through them and if these are the type of wedding or hand fasting that you’d like…please contact me from the contact page.

Rev. Dawn

Sacred Flame Temple

Led by Rev. Dawn Earthsong, Sacred Flame Temple has been in Columbus, OH for many years. It’s main working part was the Sacred Flame Circle, where everyone came together to learn about the many religious paths, socialize, participate in rituals and participate in bard circles.

SFC lasted for 6 years, until members started moving away.

Now, SFT is scheduling rituals and workshops to help fulfill the needs of the Pagan Community.



Tradition has it that most weddings take place in June, early summer. But, a fall wedding can be absolutely beautiful! The colors are in full stride and it’s still warm enough to have an outdoor ceremony.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, and you need an officiate….send me an email at

Fun Trivia -

Q: Why do brides carry bouquets?
A: In past times, baths were rarely taken and flowers were used to cover body odor.