Weddings and Handfastings

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As an open-minded, alternative Minister, I cherish the rites of passages that we all go through as human beings walking our path. I have found a passion for officiating all sorts of weddings and commitment ceremonies: Small Weddings, Large Weddings, Pagan Handfastings, Theme Weddings, Alternative Lifestyle Weddings, etc.

I am ordained through Sacred Flame Temple as it's High Priestess and licensed clergy in the State of Ohio.

I also perform non-legal commitment ceremonies of all sorts. As long as the couple/more are of legal age and it’s a consensual situation, I’m open to ideas: odd and weird is perfectly acceptable in my book. I love to help the couple design something that is uniquely theirs. Theme weddings are my favorite and I’m willing to wear costumes.

Make this day special for you, one that you’d always remember.

Though, I do have a few limits at this time -skydiving and scuba diving are out….
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