Wedding, Handfasting and Comittment Ceremony Scripts

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In this area, you will find generic scripts that I've found through years of research and actual scripts that I've used in various styles of weddings, handfastings and commitment ceremonies to show how unique each ceremony can be.


These scripts are ones that I've come across in my research of weddings and handfastings. There are some beautiful pieces in them that can be pulled out and used in your ceremony, if desired.

You can see how it looks when pieces are put together in the 'actual scripts used', to the right.

Actual Scripts Used

These are actual scripts used for ceremonies that I've officiated over the years. From subtle weddings that have a hint of pagan and native american elements in them, to full-blown pagan and native american ceremonies, to those that concentrate on the love between the individuals instead of a Higher Power - they are all represented in these scripts.