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Soul Retrieval

What is Soul Retrieval?

Shamans believe that when we suffer emotional or physical trauma, one of our defense mechanisms is for a piece of our soul to flee our bodies in order to survive the experience. This is a good thing, as this is how we survive pain. The problem is, this piece of soul does not always return to us on its own. Because of this, the lost piece of the soul doesn't know that the trauma has passed. This is why human intervention is needed to find and bring the piece of soul back.

In Psychology, the loss of a piece of soul is seen as disassociation. Many times talk therapy will not fix this issue.

Symptoms of a Fragmented Soul:

Fragmentation is easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. Here are some of the classic symptoms, though not everyone will experience all of these:

- feelings of being scattered, or not being "all here".
- blocked memory - an inability to remember parts of one's life
- an inability to feel or receive love from another.
- emotionally "flatlined".
- a sudden onset of apathy or listlessness.
- a lack of initiative or enthusiasm for something one used to enjoy.
- a lack of joy.
- a failure to thrive.
- an inability to make decisions.
- chronic negativity.
- addictions and living "on autopilot"
- suicidal thoughts and/or tendencies.
- melancholy or despair
- chronic depression.