Transformational Alternative Lifestyle Coach

Looking to Create Something With Your Life?
If you are among the many that feel like they have no direction in life and are tired of being tossed around, responding to life as it happens instead of taking it by the horns and making it work for you, then perhaps it’s time you considered a life coach. If you are part of an alternative lifestyle and don’t feel you can talk to just anyone about your goals in life because you can’t be open with what you discuss, maybe you need to consider an alternative life coach.
Rev. Dawn Earthsong, also known simply as ‘Dawn’, has a diverse background in both alternative spiritual paths as well as alternative lifestyles and brings that experience to her coaching practice. Dawn is licensed interfaith clergy in the state of Ohio, with a background in many faiths (Core Shamanism, Wicca, Druid, Goddess and Earth based paths, Buddhism, Qadishiti, etc). She is also well versed in many alternative lifestyles, such as GLBTQ, Poly, Kink, Power Exchange, etc.. With her husband, they educate on an international scale for groups and at events, write books, hosts podcasts, create events, speak on radio shows as well as teach on various internet educational medias. Part of how they teach is by sharing their story of how they created their relationship to be what they wanted and how they worked together to heal from her traumatic past, through different types of media.
Dawn brings in the idea that we are all sacred beings trying to live an earthly life and all of us have strengths that are unique to each individual. By focusing on these strengths we can accomplish most anything we set our minds to. She believes that we should all have a chance to live as our authentic selves and accomplish any goal that feeds our soul. Allow her to help you create your own reality and direct the path of your life the way you want it to be!

Dawn will be changing her location as of December 2015.

The Space
180 Outerbelt St.
Columbus, OH 43213

Please call for appointment times. 614-653-8891