Interfaith Clergy Training Program
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Unlike clergy programs in specific faiths, this Interfaith Clergy Training Program does not follow a specific religious path. What it does is teach the skills that are needed by any clergy wanting to help its congregation. The curriculum will cover training on items from group dynamics to how to design rites of passage and many other basic and advanced classes in-between. The studies can take anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on the experience of the students and the time they have available to devote to their studies.

This training is not taken lightly and not given lightly by the Sacred Flame Temple. Anyone can go online and become ordained by paying $25 and clicking a button. But, to truly be clergy, training in the skills needed to truly support those in their communities needs to be valued and learned through study.

Rev. Dawn designed this program after 3 years of studying to become clergy in the Correllian Tradition and after 3 years of experience as clergy in her local Pagan community.

To become clergy through the teachings of Rev. Dawn Earthsong, High Priestess of Sacred Flame Temple, a few steps will need to be followed -

1) An application filled out
2) References given
3) Curriculum completed
4) Independent Study Project completed
5) Independent Study Project presented to the rest of the class
6) Graduation
7) Ordination